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Mental Health campaign receives additional funding

A campaign that aims to tackle the stigma around mental health has been given £20m in funding from the Department of Health, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund.

Posted by: Sharon Tither on October 5th, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

CLIC Sargent launches campaign to help reduce the cost of cancer for families

To coincide with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, CLIC Sargent are launching a campaign to help reduce the financial implication cancer can have on families. 

Posted by: Sharon Tither on September 26th, 2016 @ 10:21 AM

New Alzheimer’s trial results announced

Alzheimer’s Research have recently announced that results from an early-phase clinical trial, may be able to slow decline in memory and thinking skills in people with mild Alzheimer’s disease. 

Posted by: Sharon Tither on September 5th, 2016 @ 09:23 AM

New test could lead to earlier diagnosis of Parkinson's

A test of how sticky a protein molecule is could help diagnose the early stages of Parkinson's disease, a study from the University of Edinburgh suggests. Scientists said early work on a small number of samples proved very accurate. Sticky clumps of the molecule are found in the brain cells of people with Parkinson's - and in those of some dementia sufferers.

Posted by: Sharon Tither on August 30th, 2016 @ 09:27 AM

Hundreds of volunteers to help spot early Alzheimer's

British researchers are hoping to shed new light on the very early stages of Alzheimer's disease, with the help of hundreds of volunteers. 

Posted by: Sharon Tither on August 24th, 2016 @ 11:26 AM

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