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Your care team will be trained by Routes nurses to the very highest standard and in accordance with NICE Guidelines and the Royal Marsden Clinical Nursing Procedures.

All clinical training is supported by a competency assessment framework carried out by a Routes nurse and will involve you and your feedback as part of this process, to ensure you feel confident with the care being provided.

Routes nurses also work closely with any specialists that may also be supporting you to ensure your care and treatment is all joined up.


Person Centred Care

Our nurses will work in close partnership with you, enabling you to make informed decisions about your care and treatment. They will collaborate on your care plan, along with providing regular reviews, to ensure we can respond to any changes along the way.

Our nurses can also support you with making a referral to a health professional when needed and will link in with them to ensure any treatment plans are clearly shared and implemented with your team, whilst providing additional training and ongoing support.

Our nurses are passionate but also human! We don’t pretend we know everything as this is unrealistic. Sometimes conditions are so rare, and with continuing advances in both medicine and technology, we sometimes need to go on a journey ourselves with you.

Clinical Support

Clinical support can be provided in several different ways and at different points in your journey. This can take on the form of any of the following:

  • Clinical advice and support, including out of hours
  • Clinical skills training and staff competency assessments across an extensive range of activities
  • Clinical supervision for your care team
  • Assessing what support you need and helping you to make informed decisions, that are right for you.
  • Supporting with referrals
  • Care planning
  • Implementing specialist treatment plans
  • Reviewing with you, your ongoing clinical support needs and monitoring clinical outcomes

Let Routes be part of the journey

Choosing a system partner when services are stretched, and emotions are high, is no easy decision. But with Routes, you get a team of superheroes and system experts who want to relieve the pressures, so the quality-of-care patients and individuals receive remains the top priority.

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