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No individual’s needs or goals are the same, which is why we adapt our Enhanced Homecare training to each client. So, for example, if you need a Healthcare Worker who has prior experience with helping those with MS, we will match our client with a suitable Healthcare Worker.

All underpinned by CQC Personal Care and Support regulations, we consistently involve our clients and their loved ones to develop person-centred plans to improve outcomes for all and reduce demands on other services.


Maintaining the principles of person-centred planning

Our employees are trained in promoting independence and preventing deterioration, to ensure our clients remain comfortable and as independent as possible.

Across all our enhanced homecare services, we apply these principles in our person-centred plans:

  • Consult family and friends
  • Reflect what is important to the client
  • Work towards future capacities/support
  • Build a welcoming place in the community

Consistent plan reviews

A client’s needs, goals and capabilities change constantly.

That’s why we undertake reviews of care plans every six months, or sooner if required.

These include:

  • Follow up actions and referrals
  • Escalate and review notifications to Health & Social Care System
  • Review measured outcomes
  • Review actions and amend the plan to ensure it remains person-centred
  • Ensure that all care is being delivered in a safe and effective manner, reviewing actions taken.

Gathering regular feedback

Our team are always striving to deliver a better level of care tomorrow, than they did today.

Therefore, at each healthcare visit, we aim to gain feedback from our clients, their support network and any other engaged stakeholders.

This allows us to respond effectively and efficiently and avoid any escalated issues that could cause distress.

Specialist care teams

Many clients come to us with fast-progressing and debilitating conditions that require expert care.

At Routes, we match our clients to a care team who are experts in specialist treatment for certain illnesses. This leads to a noticeable difference in anxiety, levels of sleep, number of bumps and falls and personal relationships.

This is because we can pre-empt movements and reactions, spot trends in triggers and reduce demands on other services that would be necessary if we weren’t experts.

Let Routes be part of the journey

Choosing a care provider in these crucial moments is no easy decision. But with Routes, you get a team of superheroes who want to be there for our clients and their loved ones.

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