You’re in safe hands

Growing waiting lists, staff shortages and increasing numbers of patients no longer meeting the criteria to reside in the acute sector, means you need a partner you can trust with a proven track record to improve patient flow.

We put safety and excellent service at the heart of everything we do. All our services are regulated under the CQC for Personal Care and Support, or Treatment of Disorder, Disease and Injury.


We are real people, making remarkable change

With our sector knowledge and experience, our Systems Solutions team will work with you to find the best response to your identified challenges.

Services delivered so far include reablement, admissions avoidance, hospital discharge, rapid response, D2A, bridging care, and support to District Nursing services. All of these have been designed in collaboration with system partners to provide committed, individual services unique to that area. Our services can be white labelled, to avoid confusion, but are always dedicated for your provision only.

Individual solutions delivered fast

We are experts at recruitment, mobilising, training and managing dedicated capacity at speed. We work in partnership with key stakeholders to design appropriate pathways, allowing patients to be people and "reside where they meet the criteria"... at home.

Our services can be delivered at speed in partnership with key stakeholders within the local system.

Always innovating, we help you think differently.

With us, you get:

  • 24/7 on call, robust escalation pathways
  • Improved patient choice, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction
  • A committed and experienced team that thrives in tackling local challenges
  • A live dashboard that shares all data, so you have a full view of how we’re supporting you and your team

What we deliver

In Q4 2022/23

  • 60,054 hours of community provision
  • Discharged 974 patients
  • 16,375 bed nights saved
  • 2,600 hours of admissions avoidance

Let Routes be part of your journey

Choosing a system partner when services are stretched, and emotions are high, is no easy decision. But with Routes, you get a team of superheroes and system experts who want to relieve the pressures, so the quality-of-care patients and individuals receive remains the top priority.

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