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No end-of-life journey is the same.

Each service we offer is provided by our friendly, experienced team with individual needs in mind.

In accordance with the NICE Guidance for Care of Dying Adults, our care plans are flexible and reviewed as often as required – hour by hour, minute by minute.


Recognising when a person may be in the last days of life

Our team are trained to understand when a person has come to the end of their journey. As this happens, we will gather information on any final needs and wants along with symptom tracking.

High levels of communication

Respectfully and if possible, we involve our clients in all stages of your end-of-life care. And should they wish - we make sure there is always a loved one present while decisions are being made. Plus, unless asked not to, we will explain everything to our clients and their support system every step of the way.

Shared decision-making

With our client or their power of attorney, we make sure element of the care plan is followed and respected. Should any changes need to be made, they will be done so with our client and those important to them present to make sure they are fully understood.

Maintaining hydration

To keep our clients as comfortable as possible and in the level of care they require, we will check for any difficulties they may have. Such as when drinking, assessing their hydration levels and helping with cleaning their teeth and dentures. We also provide any necessary aid and guide their family members so they can help.

Pharmacological intervention

Our experience enables us to constantly reassess our client’s final wishes along with considering whether it is right or wrong for them to continue taking prescribed medications. We’ll go through all the positives and negatives, so they and their loved ones are involved in these decisions.

Anticipatory prescribing

To keep our clients comfortable and in respect of their final days, we will assess their level of pain and symptoms and consider the anticipatory medicine options available to them. We will review this continually and adjust based on their individual needs and wishes.

Let Routes be part of the journey

Choosing a care provider in these crucial moments is no easy decision. But with Routes, you get a team of superheroes who want to be there for our clients and their loved ones.

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