Meet the Superheroes at Routes Healthcare!

In the spotlight is Jessica from our Manchester Branch. Jessica helps with administration in our office and also does our Community Runs.

With a big grin on her face, Jessica tells us how she much prefers doing the community runs and working with clients. Her role includes supporting people in their homes including personal care, nutrition and fluids, medication, and moving and handling as well as social support.

Jessica has 10 years of experience under her belt, having joined Routes when she was 18. Having looked after her mum before she sadly passed away with cancer, Jess tells us that healthcare was ideal for her as it felt natural for her to carry on looking after people.

What advice does Jess have for somebody looking to work in healthcare?

“You don’t do this job for the money – you have to have a caring side. It can be emotional at times but you do actually have fun and a laugh with clients.

“I 100% recommend working with Routes.”

“I’ve been supported throughout the who 10 years. The office has been great, the management has been great and the people I work with are great.”

You can watch Jessica’s video here:

It was fantastic to be able to talk with Jessica about her journey in care and it’s lovely to see how passionate she is about working with Routes and her clients.

Who do you think our next Superhero Spotlight should be?

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