Routes Academy puts you in control of your journey

We want to help you find a career in Healthcare that gives you a bounce in your step. A job that fits YOUR passions and goals. We’re opening doors to so many opportunities in the Health & Social Care sector: from specialised clinical skills training to enhance your healthcare experience, the ability to take those new to care under your wing as a Healthcare Mentor, to being empowered to step up into a leadership role.

Routes Academy - putting you on the route to success with a range of Health & Social Care skills. Whether you are new to care and wanting to start Routes as a Care Cadet, or you are already experienced and looking for a new Routes in Care, such as "Enhanced Homecare, End of Life Care, Complex Care, or System Solutions. Or even discovering further routes such as becoming a Mentor, a Team Leader or other pathways in Routes.

There’s no fixed path or one-way lanes. Routes Academy is here to back you up on whatever path you choose, with training and guidance.

Routes Academy is the key to unlocking your next step

With Routes Academy and our experienced Training Team, a closed door doesn't have to mean 'no entry'. In fact, we encourage you to enter! Routes and our Trainers are all eager to empower and support you in your journey. We'll be with you every step of the way, giving you the keys you need to unlock doors and step into your new role.

So what are you waiting for? Take a peek through some of the doors to discover what could be next for your journey in healthcare.

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