You Ready to Make a Difference?

You won’t just be caring for people; you’ll be helping them to live their best life, not limited by their need for extra support.

Together, we will be a part of the client's journey, giving people in our community the choice to live independently in their own home and feel confident to keep on doing the things they love.

This is about doing care with people not for people. Whether you’re a Healthcare Worker visiting clients and providing face-to-face support, or you’re part of our Operational Support Teams, we’re all working together with our values at the heart of everything we do.

 You Ready to Learn New Skills?

Your goals are our goals. We’d love to be part of your journey and give you the support and guidance to meet your full potential. We can put you on track to get the experience and qualifications you need to achieve your goals and truly thrive.

Whatever your route may be: whether you are new to Healthcare and joining the team as a Care Cadet, are looking to develop new skills or delve into a more clinical role, or perhaps even go into a new field of work entirely within our Operational Support Teams: we are thrilled to be a part of your journey.

R Vision


To be the Service Provider of choice when commissioning specialist home care provision in the North of England. Robust, sustainable, affordable healthcare from a solution-driven partner.

To you

To be an integral part of the success of Routes Healthcare. To be respected, recognised, rewarded, trained and supported in your work. To have a voice and be heard. To have access to career development and progression within a safe working environment. To work in a positive and just culture that values your health and wellbeing.

To our Healthcare Workers

We will be champions in and leaders of professionalising the care workforce. Advocating on your behalf for appropriate status and recognition. Routes Healthcare services are delivered by a respected, stable, well-paid, well-trained, well-supported workforce.

What we stand for

R Values

We are invested in people:
We know our people are our biggest asset. So that is why we are constantly investing in them. Whether this is through continuous training programmes, fixed contracts to guarantee hours or clear progression paths to allow for clarity of roles.

We solve problems intelligently:
We know our people are our breadth and depth of expertise allows us to be solutions driven in our approach. Coupled with our high quality workforce we are able to offer unique and intelligent solutions to people's problems.

We can mobilise at speed:
We understand the need for the right solution activated in the minimum amount of time. Our local knowledge, system understanding and scale means we sole problems fast.

We listen and learn:
Whether we are speaking to our clients, commissioners or each other, we always take the time to listen. We know the importance of understanding every person's unique and individual needs. Doing this means we are always improving and adapting to make our service better.

We are committed to making our industry better:
We are here to make the healthcare business a better place tomorrow than it is today. If this means trying something new, or breaking the mould, we are happy to do this. Our approach is about giving the best healthcare possible, and constantly innovating to make sure this happens.

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